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Watermelon Salad
Meet The Chef
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Pyet DeSpain

Pyet is short for her inherited Native American name Pyetwetmokwe. She is a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Tribe.

Pyet is an award winning and global private chef. She is the first winner of Gordon Ramsay's new groundbreaking TV show, Next Level Chef, on Fox. In 2021, Pyet was named Top 25 best private chefs in Los Angeles by Entrepreneur Magazine. Her life's work is dedicated to Indigenous Fusion Cuisine, where she combines the food of her heritage - both Native American and Mexican. Pyet's passion is to uplift indigenous culture and traditions via storytelling, traveling, and cooking.

Pyet spent part of her childhood on the Osage Indian Reservation, the remaining years of her life have been spent in Kansas City,KS. She relocated to Los Angeles, CA to promote wellness and nutrition through food. 


Pyet's passion for cooking developed as a child while being the help in the kitchen. She was intrigued by the spices and aromas in her family's taquerias and restaurants in the Kansas City area. She attended  culinary school to pursue a culinary education and since has earned a certification in Wellness & Nutrition. Pyet started a personal chef business 'Pyet's Plate' in 2015, to promote passion for wellness, nutrition and quality of food to the public. Her focus now is to promote Indigenous ingredients in every day cooking, while doing so hopes to encourage others to pass along healthy cooking, lifestyle choices and traditions within their own families.

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